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A snarky response to a humorous review. Or is it a humorous response to a snarky review? Authors are supposed to be above this sort of behavior but I couldn't resist.

— feeling angel
I just responded to an Amazon review, posted during the summer of 2017, for Women Heroes of World War One. 
"There were no woman heros (sic) in WWII. The title clearly announces that the book was written by a Cultural Marxist, who is incapble of writing proper English. There are thousands of books on the war worth reading, but his is not one of them."
My response:
"Thank you so much for this interesting review. While I genuinely enjoyed it, I thought few comments might be in order. 

Number one. You commented on the wrong book. This one covers the First World War, not the second. 

Number two. I'm not a cultural Marxist. I'm not even a leftist. I'm right of center on many issues (left on others). My publishers, the ones who chose the title, are left of center. Yet our relationship is one of mutual respect and we never resort to bizarre name-calling. 

Number three. Perhaps you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. There are women from all aspects of the political spectrum featured in the WWII book (the one I think you were attempting to disparage): Corrie ten Boom was an Evangelical Christian who hid Jews in her home. Hannie Schaft shot collaborators and Germans for a Communist resistance organization. I respected them both for their work as did my publishers. 

Number four. You left the "e" out of "heroes" and the "t" out of "this." So your review needs one more "(sic)."